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Carlisle Goldfields Acquired by Alamos Gold

Carlisle Goldfields (T.CGJ) has agreed, pending shareholder approval, to be acquired by Alamos Gold (T.AGI) in an all share plus warrants transaction. That’s the headline but the story behind the headline says a lot about the current state of the junior resource market. Abraham Drost, CEO of Carlisle and a long time participant in the […]

Lomiko’s Innovative Approach Play Pays Dividends

As junior resource investors know there was a “graphite rush” a couple of years ago. Properties all over Canada and in many far flung corners of the world were staked and explored for graphite. Lomiko Metals (V.LMR) was in the rush. It acquired the Quatre Milles property in Quebec. The excitement about graphite was powered […]

Paramount: Re-Imagining Gold An Interview with CEO Christopher Crupi

In an inhospitable junior resource market it is not enough to have a potentially valuable mineral deposit, a company has to have a plan to mine and process that deposit at low cost with good margins. For Paramount Gold and Silver (T.PZG, NYSE: PZG) working through the numbers at its 100%-owned San Miguel gold and […]

Focus: Bankable Graphite An interview with COO Don Baxter

We last spoke to Focus Graphite (V.FMS )President and COO Don Baxter in early February at the time the company announced the first ever graphite off take agreement for a Canadian junior. One of the milestones Baxter mentioned was a Feasibility Study (“FS”) on the Focus flagship project, Lac Knife in the Province of Quebec. […]

Elcora: Producing High Purity Graphite Right Now An Interview with CEO Troy Grant

Elcora Resources (V.ERA) is mining high purity 99.9% C, large to jumbo flake graphite right now.  Elcora is in limited, 1-2 tons daily, production in Sri Lanka right now with a sort term goal of 5000 tons per year. Elcora recently announced the acquisition of the operational equity stake in the Sakura Graphite mine. Elcora’s […]

Cayden: Nine Targets, One Mine An interview with CEO Ivan Bebeck

Ivan Bebek, CEO of Cayden Resources (V.CYD) knows what it takes to create value in today’s tough mining exploration market. News, good news. “We should have steady news right through the end of the year.” said Bebek, “A news release every three weeks or so.” Bebek has the key credential in the junior mining business. […]

Ressources Appalaches: Nova Scotia Gold

Without any fanfare Ressources Appalaches (V.APP) is quietly returning Nova Scotia’s Dufferin Gold mine to production. May 8th, 2014 the company announced that the crushing unit of the Dufferin Gold Mine processing plant began processing ore and the gravity line at the plant is currently being tested. May 29, 2014 the company announced the successful […]

GoGold – Mexican Silver Pour Weeks away CEO Terry Coughlan builds a mine

We last talked to Terry Coughlan, GoGold CEO in March. He told us then that GoGold (T.GGD) expected to pour silver at its Parral Tailings project in Chihuahua Mexico in late May. In its May 7 press release GoGold confirmed that it has almost completed construction of its leach pad and had started processing the […]

BayHorse Silver: Expertise An Interview with CEO Graeme O'Neill

There are a lot of business models for junior mining companies. Not all work all the time and when times are tight Bayhorse (V.BHS) CEO Graeme O’Neill wants “to deliver value to shareholders as quickly as I can.” “We have to get out of the fund and spend cycle. Get production at a reasonable rate.” […]

Beaufield: Cash and Prospects An Interview with CEO Jens Hansen

In this market simply surviving is an achievement. For Beaufield Resources (V.BFD) survival has meant running the company “pretending we don’t have any money” says CEO Jens Hansen who quickly added that, in fact, the company has between 3 and 4 million in its treasury. Beaufield has been around since 1986 but in the late […]

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