Gensource Announces Strategy for Third Party Project Funding & Termination of Yancoal Off Take Agreement

Gensource logo, potash

Gensource Potash Corporation (TSX.V: GSP) is pleased to announce the strategy for the development of multiple potash production facilities, each of which is directed to a specific market.

As previously announced in a Gensource corporate update on March 31, 2017, the Vanguard One Project Feasibility Study (the Study) is over 75% complete (as of todays date, more than 85% complete) and remains on track to be finished in Q2 2017. With the completion of the Study, Gensource can establish its general model for a production facility and, thereby, create the business template for developing new and additional potash production facilities on the various other land holdings within Gensources Saskatchewan potash properties. The general business model is for each separate production facility to attract market partners who will provide project financing as well as access to independent markets. read more

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