Zenyatta Ventures Ltd; University of Sussex Successfully Enhances Performance of Rubber Composites using Zenyatta Graphene Derived from Albany Graphite

Zenyatta Ventures, V.ZEN

Zenyatta Ventures (V.ZEN)) is pleased to announce successful initial test results from research carried out by Dr. Alan Dalton at the University of Sussex, UK using graphene converted from the Company’s high-purity graphite. Sussex tested the use of Zenyatta graphene in rubber composite and emulsion applications.

Sussex easily exfoliated Zenyatta graphite via sonication to produce graphene which was then homogenously dispersed into a rubber composite. A several fold improvement in the electrical and thermal properties of the rubber composite along with increased strength and elasticity was realized by adding as little as 0.5% Zenyatta graphene. Sussex researchers have turned to nano-materials like graphene to develop high performance rubber composite sensors. The resulting material demonstrated impressive performance as sensors which can detect motions as subtle as those associated with breathing and pulse.read more

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