Manganese X Energy Corp. Update with Technical Insights

V.MN, Maganese X energy

Manganese X Energy Corp.(V.MN) is pleased to announce it has entered into its next phase consisting of an innovative metallurgical project funded by the Company’s recent $1.45 million oversubscribed financing.

“This innovative metallurgical project is developing a process in order to produce a manganese concentrate to be utilized for production of Electrolytic Manganese Dioxide which is also known as EMD. EMD is a high value manganese product which is utilized within various applications especially for lithium ion battery cathode material for electric vehicles. Manganese is the critical link in the lithium ion storage chain” stated Martin Kepman, CEO and Director of Manganese X Energy. “The reason we refer to it as innovative is that the Company is focused on producing a cost effective, environmentally friendly concentrate for the lithium ion battery market which is currently in high demand within the North American.”
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