Retransmission: Alabama Graphite Corp. Achieves 99.99997% Graphite Purity via Proprietary, Environmentally Responsible and Sustainable Purification Process; Exceeds Nuclear Graphite Requirements

Alabama Graphite, V.ALP, graphite

Alabama Graphite Corp. (TSX-V: ALP) This news release is a retransmission of Alabama Graphite Corp.’s February 17, 2017 news release, but with the inclusion of three high-resolution SEM micrograph images.

Alabama Graphite Corp. is very pleased to announce that it has achieved 99.99997% Carbon total percentage by weight (“wt% C”) purity from its sourced-in-USA graphite from its flagship, 100%-owned Coosa Graphite Project – located in Coosa County, Alabama, USA – via the Company’s propriety, low-temperature thermal purification process. In addition to these positive ultra-high-purity graphite results, it is important to note that AGC’s environmentally responsible and sustainable graphite purification process does not utilize acids that are commonly regarded as dangerous and environmentally harmful (e.g. hydrofluoric acid – as is commonly used in Chinese graphite production [source: Industrial Minerals Data, 2015] – hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, nitric acids, or alkali roasting, caustic-soda roasting, etc.), nor the need for copious amounts of scarce, clean water or costly, energy-intensive high-temperature thermal upgrading. read more

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