Alabama Graphite Corp. Receives Commercial and Government Entity (CAGE) Code Assigned by the US Department of Defense’s Defense Logistics Agency

Alabama Graphite, V.ALP, graphite

Alabama Graphite Corp. (TSX-V: ALP) is pleased to announce that the Company’s 100% wholly owned subsidiary – Alabama Graphite Company, Inc. (“AGC USA.”), a corporation registered in the state of Alabama, USA – is now registered to pursue United States federal government funding to advance its research and development, and technology commercialization efforts, as well as to conduct business directly with the US federal government and its various agencies, including the US Department of Defense (“DoD”) and the US Department of Energy (“DoE”).

AGC and AGC USA President, Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director, Donald Baxter commented, “Having our US subsidiary assigned a DUNS number and CAGE code is a critical step in AGC’s path to becoming a US government battery-ready graphite supplier of our American-sourced-and-manufactured CSPG, identified by the ULTRACSPG trademark – the very first trademarked sourced-in-America, natural battery-ready graphite for use in lithium-ion batteries. read more

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