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Press Releases

Ressources Appalaches

V-APP 287 g/t Au Drilled Over 1 Meter at Dufferin Mine…read


V.PZG New PEA for San Miguel Project Confirms Robust Combination of Heap Leaching and Milling…read


V.TXO Drills 22.42 m @ 6.35 g/t Au, Inclusive of 5.16 m @ 18.40 g/t Au, at Barney Shear Zone, Yellowknife City Gold Project…read

Ressources Appalaches

V-APP Production of 245 Tons per Day at the Dufferin Mine…read


V.TXO Assays 6.61 g/t Au, 357 g/t Ag, 1.51% Cu, 7.02% Zn and Greater Than 20% Pb in Grab Samples from Homer Lake Base Metal Target, Yellowknife City Gold Project…read


V.LMR is the Beneficial Owner of 4,396,970 Shares of Graphene 3D Lab TSXV: GGG
Friday, Aug. 15, 2014…read


V.LMR to Adopt Shareholder Rights Plan at October 30, 2014 AGM…read

Brixton Metals

V.BBB Discovers Sediment Hosted Gold Zone at its Thorn Project And Drills 59.65 Metres of 1.15 g/t Au and 5.64 g/t Ag…read

African Gold

V.AGG Updates on Kobada Feasibility Study…read


V.TXO Assays 34.9 g/t, 75.8 g/t, 346 g/t and 547 g/t Au in Grab Samples From Newly Discovered VSB Vein, Yellowknife City Gold Project…read

African Gold

V.AGG Completes 2014 Kobada Field Season-Bulk Sample Shipped to Australia for Further Metallurgical Test Work…read

East West Petroleum

V.EW Announces Financial Results for the 15 Months Ended March 31, 2014…read

Focus: Bankable Graphite An interview with COO Don Baxter

Jay Currie

July 18, 2014

focus graphite, don baxter,We last spoke to Focus Graphite (V.FMS )President and COO Don Baxter in early February at the time the company announced the first ever graphite off take agreement for a Canadian junior. One of the milestones Baxter mentioned was a Feasibility Study (“FS”) on the Focus flagship project, Lac Knife in the Province of Quebec.

That Feasibility Study was released June 25. read more…

Elcora: Producing High Purity Graphite Right Now An Interview with CEO Troy Grant

Jay Currie

July 4, 2014

Elcora-cropElcora Resources (V.ERA) is mining high purity 99.9% C, large to jumbo flake graphite right now.  Elcora is in limited, 1-2 tons daily, production in Sri Lanka right now with a sort term goal of 5000 tons per year.

Elcora recently announced the acquisition of the operational equity stake in the Sakura Graphite mine. Elcora’s immediate plans are to construct an onsite graphite and graphene lab as well as a processing and refining mill. read more…

Cayden: Nine Targets, One Mine An interview with CEO Ivan Bebeck

Jay Currie

June 24, 2014

cayden-cropIvan Bebek, CEO of Cayden Resources (V.CYD) knows what it takes to create value in today’s tough mining exploration market. News, good news. “We should have steady news right through the end of the year.” said Bebek, “A news release every three weeks or so.”

Bebek has the key credential in the junior mining business. Before he co-founded Cayden he co-founded the very successful Keegan Resources, now Asanko Gold (AKG-NYSE).

“You need great projects and capital,” said Bebek. For Cayden the main project is the El Barqueno Gold Property in Jalisco State, Mexico.  read more…

Ressources Appalaches: Nova Scotia Gold

Jay Currie

May 29, 2014

V.APPWithout any fanfare Ressources Appalaches (V.APP) is quietly returning Nova Scotia’s Dufferin Gold mine to production. May 8th, 2014 the company announced that the crushing unit of the Dufferin Gold Mine processing plant began processing ore and the gravity line at the plant is currently being tested.

May 29, 2014 the company announced the successful completion of a $1,284,050 million private placement to extend and define its Dufferin gold resources. read more…

GoGold – Mexican Silver Pour Weeks away CEO Terry Coughlan builds a mine

Jay Currie

May 20, 2014

gogold, T.GGDWe last talked to Terry Coughlan, GoGold CEO in March. He told us then that GoGold (T.GGD) expected to pour silver at its Parral Tailings project in Chihuahua Mexico in late May. In its May 7 press release GoGold confirmed that it has almost completed construction of its leach pad and had started processing the Parral Tailings.

“We’re loading the ore into the bin” said Coughlan, “We’re expecting actual production near the end of the month or the first week of June.” read more…

BayHorse Silver: Expertise An Interview with CEO Graeme O'Neill

Jay Currie

April 8, 2014

Bayhorse silver, V.bhs, silver, marijuanaThere are a lot of business models for junior mining companies. Not all work all the time and when times are tight Bayhorse (V.BHS) CEO Graeme O’Neill wants “to deliver value to shareholders as quickly as I can.”

“We have to get out of the fund and spend cycle. Get production at a reasonable rate.” explained O’Neill. At the same time, O’Neill is a realist. “We got our barite mine permitted in 8 months; but the market crashed and no one cared.” (The mine was spun out to German interests and Bayhorse expects production to commence later this year. Bayhorse retained a 30% net profit arrangement with the new operator.)

The sale of the barite interest meant Bayhorse was positioned to act when it was presented with the Bayhorse silver mine opportunity in Eastern Oregon by American Cordilleran Mining Corp, (AMCOR). read more…

Beaufield: Cash and Prospects An Interview with CEO Jens Hansen

Jay Currie

April 4, 2014

Beaufield Resources Inc, V.BFD, gold, QuebecIn this market simply surviving is an achievement. For Beaufield Resources (V.BFD) survival has meant running the company “pretending we don’t have any money” says CEO Jens Hansen who quickly added that, in fact, the company has between 3 and 4 million in its treasury.

Beaufield has been around since 1986 but in the late 1990’s Hansen took it over and, as he puts it, “fixed it up.” Part of Beaufield’s rehabilitation has been to acquire a portfolio of properties, some to develop, some to hold.

March 18, 2014 Beaufield released drill results for the Launay Gold Project in the Province of Quebec. This active property is in the Abitibi gold belt. Beaufield reported results which included 4.04 gpt over 15.52 meters. read more…

Carlisle Goldfields: Brownfields to Gold Pits CEO Abraham Drost talks about Advancing Lynn Lake Manitoba

Jay Currie

April 2, 2014

Carlisle Goldfields, gold, Manitoba, T.CGJWhen Sandstorm Gold took over Premier Royalty, Abraham Drost had the opportunity to move from the structured financing gold space to taking on development of a gold mining operation at Bruce Reid’s Carlisle Goldfields (T-CGJ). Reid and Drost had been talking for a couple of years but it was not until December of 2013, when Carlisle put out a Preliminary Economic Assessment, that Drost could see the promising economics of the Lynn Lake Manitoba gold properties.Recognizing a deep value opportunity, Drost became a Director and CEO of Carlisle in February 2014.

“Lynn Lake has several brownfields projects,” explained Drost, “There is appreciable production history. In the 50’s and 60’s there was copper nickel production by Sherritt-Gordon Mines. Gold was produced by SherrGold at the MacLellan Mine in the 1980s though gold production ceased in 1989 due to low prices. A company called Blackhawk Mining also produced 400,000 ounces from two small open pits from what is now our Farley Lake Mine.” said Drost. A recent Preliminary Economic Assessment envisions open pit mine production on the Farley Lake and MacLellan deposits, processed at a single mill and  sequenced over a 12 year mine life producing 1.7 million ouinces of gold. read more…

Northern Graphite: Rounding Graphite’s Edges An Interview with CEO Greg Bowes

Jay Currie

March 25, 2014

graphite, Northern Graphite, V.NGCIf you want to make a lithium-ion battery (LiBs) you need a little lithium and a lot of graphite. Graphite is the anode material in the battery but not just any graphite. It must be flake graphite that can be economically rounded and purified to form spherical graphite “SPG” the product that is actually used in the LiBs.

March 19, 2014 Northern Graphite (V.NGC) announced that it had developed and successfully tested a proprietary process for coating the SPG which is the final step in the process. It is the only junior graphite company to have done so.  In this release Greg Bowes, CEO, commented “natural SPG will be a major part of the solution going forward due to its significant cost advantage over synthetic products. Our goals are to increase that advantage through proprietary coating and purification procedures, and to provide the industry with a stable, secure source of anode material produced in an environmentally acceptable manner.” read more…

Orefinders: A Stockpile of Gold An Interview with President Bill Yeomans

Jay Currie

March 21, 2014

orefinders, gold,V.ORXMetallurgy can make all the difference to the economics of a gold deposit. Orefinders’ (V.ORX) announcement that it achieved a 93% gold recovery rate on rock from the stockpiles at its Kirkland Lake Ontario Mirado stockpile was critical news for this junior.

In the March 12, 2014 release announcing the metallurgical results President Bill Yeomans said, “The metallurgy for the Mirado gold mineralization is excellent because of simple mineralogy with fine gold associated with pyritic stockworks with little or no quartz veining. Custom milling of this material is clearly an option for the company, representing a potential source of non-dilutive financing.” read more…

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